Selling in the 21st Century

I am going to add some blog posts on Selling and Sales. Sales are such a critical function in Business and Small Business in particular. The fundamental problem is that most Small Business Owners have a lack of formal Sales background. This means that their Sales techniques are not as effective as they can be. Sales are all about efficiency. Alignment, which I have blogged often about, is the key to efficient Sales and Marketing.

So, this type of blog will focus on that as the first type of topic. Basic Sales efficiency. This is true in creating Sales Processes and Sales Training. It is also true for Product Marketing. This is that boundary function between Marketing and Sales where Product Value Creation has to be explained. Marketing's job is to create Audience, Brand Awareness, and Prospects. Sales' job is to convert those Prospects into Customers by connecting the needs of the Customer to the right products/services within the company. I hope you can see that Boundary Problem now. Which group takes accountability for the Benefits of the Product as it relates to different prospect segments. In larger firms, this is a Marketing job. In smaller companies, it often falls to Sales. This is a great place to start talking about Sales Process.

The second thing that we will talk about is the stigma associated with being in Sales. I know you are all thinking about a Used Car Salesman. Many of us have seen movies like Tin Men or GlenGarry, Glen Ross and associate Sales with that ABC (Always Be Closing) attitude. But most Sales today is done in Relationship Selling. This is a different style than what was done in the deep past. The goal is not to close everybody, but to convince people that need your products/services to buy them from you. You know what you have to offer is good. Why would people that need what you have to offer not want to buy it from you?

The third thing that we will discuss in Fear. Fear is the enemy of Sales and Closing Business. Business is Business. You can not expect everyone to buy from you. So, don't worry about those that don't and put them back into the Prospect pool. If you don't take a loss as a rejection of you as a person, it will remove your Fear. This will allow you to go into tough Sales calls and win. Not all of them, but enough where it will be worth it.

So, I hope that you enjoy what I put out in this kind of Blog and have a nice weekend!

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