Why Coaching not Training?

Training is a part of Coaching. Sometimes the client is missing some skill or set of skills to make them successful. So, why does such a person do better with Coaching than Training?

Think of this as like having a Personal Trainer. They teach their clients specific exercises to perform. One of the things that I find interesting is that they often don't teach the theory behind the exercises. The one thing that they surely do is hold clients accountable, at least while they are at the gym.

One of the things that is different between Coaching and Training is that Accountability. The Coach is there to hold the client to his or her plan. With Training there is a transfer of knowledge but nothing about an implementation. Implementation is the most important part of the Coaching program. If no action results, then nothing will have happened. Training will make you smarter but if it is not put to use then no value has been created. There is nothing wrong with Training. There are lots of good applications for Training to ensure that people have the skills they need to do their job. It is just that Coaching does more.

When is it appropriate to use Training? The best use is when there is an internal resource that will replace the Coaches Accountability partnership. An example would be a Manager who is using Training to grow his employee's skill base. The challenge for Owners and Executives is that they often do not have an internal Accountability partner. They either do not have a boss or have a boss with large responsibilities in other areas. People in this situation can turn to an external resource to hold them Accountable to meet their obligations.

Back to the Personal Trainer as a comparison, they hold people Accountable by having regularly scheduled sessions. What they can't do (nor can a Business Coach) is force the client to do the right thing between meetings. They can ask. They can cajole. They can demand. The client has to do the work. The more they put into the program the more they get out. This is the way to get the most out of a Coaching Program whether it is about your Health or about your Business. Commit, Follow-through, and just do it!

Jim Sackman
Focal Point Business Coaching
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