Why do Small Business Owners Hate Sales?

Well, they like the results of Sales. I run into so many people who tell me indignantly, "I don't SELL!" Then they go off and describe their Sales Process. Some of these processes are very inefficient and I often think as they are telling me that it would simply work better if they would admit to the fact that they are selling. Because Small Businesses need to be very efficient in our Sales and Marketing. It is the thing that makes these Businesses work or not.

The funny thing is that so many Small Business Owners tell me how much they like serving their customers. They deliver quality and value and talk about how much satisfaction that they get from delivering their products and services. You can get them to smile and talk about what they do endlessly. Of course, if they don't tell that to their prospects then they won't have customers. And this is the heart of Selling.

There is the stigma of manipulation from the movies. If you watch Glengarry Glen Ross or Tin Men, you would think the whole idea is to get people to buy things that they don't need or want. But if these Business Owners are smart they will be convincing those that need the products and services to buy them from them. If these businesses deliver quality and value, then it is just the right thing to do. They will help the right people get the things that they need.

However, there is a caveat here. Everybody has customers that buy from them that they shouldn't. There is pretty much nothing you can do about that. It goes with the territory. Nothing wrong with it, just one of those things that happen. But if you are willing to turn people away that should not buy, then that goes with truly modern selling. As a member of a BNI group, I often give referrals to those that have professions close to mine. My view is that if the prospect is best served then that is best for all of us. I won't have a customer who is unhappy and the right people will be providing their quality of service. The prospect will have a greater appreciation for a business that I turn away. 
The good news is that if you are clear about what you do and your core customers then you won't have to turn people away often. You can hone your message and be clear about what is great about your Business. Then you can provide a clear presentation, have answers to objections, and ask people to buy from you. That is Modern Selling is the right way to do business. Honest, Ethical, Moral are the watchwords of the Sales Person.
Next week we will talk about why this is so important. Oh wait, make that 2 weeks! I won't post on Labor Day as it is a Holiday. Have a great week!

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