Overcoming Fear in Sales with Preparation

Two weeks ago I posted about how many Business Owners did not want to be associated with Sales. I hope I convinced you that today there is an ethical way of Selling. One of the other objections to selling is that people fear rejection. For many Small Business Owners, they take a lost sale as a rejection of them as a person. This means that they are less likely to want to sell going forward. This is not a great way to succeed, so we need to change that. Remember that customers don't buy for a myriad of reasons. A competitor might have a better solution for that prospect (or be a personal friend of the prospect). The prospect may not be ready to buy or be unable to buy. You have to remember the sale is not about you, it is about the prospect. Some will and some won't.

But to help alleviate the fear, even more, there are some proactive steps that a people can take to improve their chances at closing deals. By taking these steps, they will be in greater control of the sales process. This reduces stress and fear as a by-product of the work.

The first preparation is to create a list of objections. Now we need to put price objection to the side for the moment. Everybody gets price objections and we have ways of working on that. If you are down to negotiating price, then all we are talking about is whether the deal is good business for you or not. You want to create a list of 3 to 5 objections, that you hear on a regular basis. Then create 1 or more responses to each of these objections. You want the responses to be natural for you and be complete for the prospect. Remember, objections are a good thing. A silent prospect is unlikely to buy. If they are talking about your product, you have a chance to overcome them and close the business.

The second preparation is to research the prospect and his or her company. The starting point is the company website. There is information about what they care about on the site. On top of that, you can find even more information on the blog, presentations, and social media pages of the company. Now these latter items are sometimes created by 3rd parties, so have lesser value than the website. But don't stop there. Look into the social media presence of the prospect. You will find out things about what the person is like and what they like. All of this information should allow you to tailor your presentation to the prospect. That customization will show effort and will be rewarded with trust.

The goal here is to help you take control of your sales processes. When you do that, you will relieve your stress and your fear. In turn, you are more likely to close sales. And that is the name of the game.

Have a great day!

Jim Sackman
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