Net Neutrality Friday

As we enter 2017, there is a big change coming. We have a new FCC coming with the new Administration. There will probably be some changes coming with that new FCC. Instead of a 3 - 2 Majority for Democratic Politicians, it will be a 3 - 2 Republican majority. By the way, that should tell you something. Being an FCC Commissioner is a political position. In general, those folks are worried about being reelected or positioning themselves for their next appointment. We don't have 5 Engineers there that make the best technical decisions. We have 5 Politicians that make political decisions. They are backed up by a Bureaucracy. That is called the FCC Staff and it is mostly lawyers. Very little technology understanding goes on there either, but at least they have no formal ties to parties or next steps up the political ladder. If it is not blatantly obvious, I am highly cynical when it comes to politicians. I have visited the FCC many times and have not come back with a great deal of respect.

The one thing that we do know is that President-Elect Trump has taken a negative view on the AT&T-Time Warner Deal. People in communications services probably forget that the FCC has jurisdiction over the broadcast industry as well. I am not sure if it will go through, be modified, or blocked by the FCC or DOJ.

What I hope we don't see is a repeat of CAF and CAF-II. CAF stands for the Connect America Funds and was intended to help get us to Universal Broadband coverage. We have allocated Billions of dollars and essentially nothing happened. There were some networks built but in the grand scheme of things we have not seen the kind of gains on this.

I have recently run into the second push I have seen for Open Access, particularly funded by Municipalities. This time it comes from the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum). One of the problems with Forums like this is that they try to keep going after they have won. They want this notion of services over Ethernet instead of over the Public Internet. For residential services, I think this is a failed approach equivalent to the old walled garden services of the feature phone era of cell phones. That ship has sailed and we now have completely viable OTT (Over The Top) video services on the public Internet including Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and many others. That kind of approach is a step into the past and I think it is a bad idea. The MEF should probably just throw a victory celebration and declare itself defunct. The former CEO of Vinci Systems had an ATM concentrator company that he exited out of cleanly as ATM died. There was no bankruptcy and all the employees were laid off with severance. Now that is a clean death for an organization that has lived past its useful life. The MEF should do the same. It created standards, promoted them and got them adopted by the industry. It won and that means it is done.

So, we are probably up for another eventful year. I look forward to sharing it with you!

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