Sonoma County: News and Notes

If you follow my writing, you will note that I was silent last week.  That is because of the North Bay Fires.  I ended up in a spot that did not require evacuation, but was out of power for about 96 hours.  There were two times that I thought we were going to be evacuated, but it just never came to pass for me.

Today, things are relatively calm for me.  There are still fires but there are containment lines between them and me.  I am still unaware of the fate of my office, but I expect it is okay.  This makes me much better off than a lot of people in Sonoma County and the North Bay at large.

This is my 3rd large scale natural disaster - the Ice Storm of 64 and Hurricane Andrew being the others.  Having those experiences helped me cope with what was around me.  Essentially, I drew in my perspective to what was truly local to me.  Of course, I was cut off from most of the news and had to rely on texts from the local authorities to know what was going on.  That is a great service and everyone should find out how their local emergency services want to communicate with them.

What comes next is likely to be a blame game.  The Coffey Lane area in particular will be a target with: "How could this happen?"  I am greatly concerned that we will spend an inordinate amount of time on this.  I ask our local and state officials really to focus on the rebuild.  We had a crisis in housing here already.  It just got worse.  We need to start rebuilds and new housing as fast as possible.  We are short on Construction Labor.  I know this because I hear it every week from various Contractors that are clients and friends.  If you know somebody out of work in the Trades, there will be jobs here for a long time.

Will we recover?  I am sure we will.  But this takes a lot longer than people think.  It took about 5 years for the full recovery after Andrew.  This will be a year or more.  So it is a time for both patience and steady action.  Let us look to a brighter future and make it that way.

Have a great day!

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