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I was asked about another public company here in the North Bay and what I thought about them.  That company in Biomarin Pharmaceuticals.  I don't have any background in the company nor do I have a lot of background in the drug companies.  But I will give it a shot.  This is a bit last minute, so I was only able to do a modest amount of research on the company.  As I move forward, I hope my reviews get better.

So the basics.  Biomarin reported Revenue of $317.4M ad a loss of $0.21 per share.  One of the first challenges here is that the company is also reporting a Profit of $17.6M instead of a loss of $36.8M.  That delta of over $54M is mostly in stock based compensation.  Many of these plans do not require the company to spend any cash.  It is one of the reasons that these are excluded in non-GAAP versions of the financials.  There is a lot of work to do but it means that the company got about 5% Profit in the quarter.  That is not great but it is a lot better than a 10% loss.

The company has a lot of cash and similar components (over $1.2B) and in some quarters is building cash and in others it is losing it.  So, the company is in no difficulty at the moment. 

Right now this company is worth $16.5B.  To put that in perspective, Keysight is worth $7.8B and Autodesk is worth $25.5B.  Keysight is the most profitable of the 3 today, but Autodesk has the most clear growth path forward.  From a value investor standpoint, I could not buy Biomarin shares.  But that is me and how I look at things.

Clearly the value here is in all the drugs and research.  The problem for me is that I read the transcript and would have needed a PhD in something to understand much of it.  There are several drugs that are moving along in trials.  The challenge is that there is little to no information about the competitive landscape or the prospective future value of these drugs.  The analysts do me no favor in asking the questions that they do.  They don't seem to really understand what is going on.

So, what does that mean for you.  Hey this could be a great stock.  It seems pricey, but other folks that play in this area seem even more so.  I hope to have better advice for you in the future.

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