The 4 P's of Leadership:  Change and People

This series has been about why businesses need to continue to evolve and some thoughts about how this happens.  We need to get to the core of this and this is people.  People are the element that causes any long term growth in your business.  Why is that?  If it wasn't clear from the last post, then I will be explicit.  Plans require Action to be successful.  Plans without Action are wishes.  Without people there is no Action.

That is why we have gone to all the trouble to understand the change in our Business and to create distinct measurable activities.  These activities need to align with our plans for growth.  The reality is that all of this change and growth will create holes within the organization.  There will be skills that you don't have and there will be skills that you will need more of.  That all comes back to more people and the right people.

If you are constantly hiring those new skills from the outside, it limits the growth potential of your current employees.  These are the folks that brought you to where you are today.  In comparison to a new hire, they should be at a higher trust level with you.  They might lack a skill, but you know that you can depend on them.  Are you better off hiring from the outside or training/promoting from within?  Ideally you want a mix of both.  When you bring people from the outside, they will bring their experience and ideas with them.  That diversity of viewpoint is not a detriment.  It is a strength.  You want to balance that with opportunities for existing employees.

As you think about the Changes you are going to make, ensure that you understand any skill gaps that you need to close.  Those skill gaps will help define your hiring and training needs for the future.  Neglecting these gaps will mean a plan failure or a significant change to the plan.  Training also helps motivate and retain employees.  Even if you are hiring to close skill gaps, training can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. 

Businesses are simply collections of people with their skills and ideas.  Don't forget that as you build your business.

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