The 4 P's of Leadership:  You

We have talked about Leadership and my 4 Ps model of Leadership:  Products, Process, Plans, and People.  The last post before we wrap up on this topic is the most important person in this whole equation.  That would be You.

You can be the kind of leader that grows and develops your Business.  The kind that focusses their energy in alignment with their Vision and their Plan.  You can tune your Business Processes to make them work more efficiently.  You can deliver Products and Services that your Customer want. 

Many of you believe that last and want things to stay the way they are to allow you to deliver them.  But status quo is not something that works forever.  We want things to be the way they used to be and long for the good ole days.  Those days are gone and we need to create the better days ahead. 

And that is what this process and model is about.  Creating your future.  What do you want out of your business?  Are you on a path to get there?  If not, then what are you going to change to make that happen?  If you are not sure how to change, then you need to hire help to get that change in place.  I see so many owners who don't like the way that their business works for them.  But it can be different.  If you are not sure about that then look around.  Does one of your competitors have a business that works the way that you want yours to work?  If so, then the business you want already exists.  That means that you can do it as well.

Your Vision for your Business is something you need to share.  Share it with your employees and partners and customers and prospects.  Tell them what you want to achieve for them and for you.  Tell them why you are great.  Then most importantly make sure that your Business delivers on what you promise you want to do for your customers.  I call this your Brand Promise.  Make sure everyone involved knows what this is.  Make sure that you and your employees deliver on your promise.

It is never easy.  There are bumps along the way.  But if you believe in what you are doing then those customers that believe as you do will come to you.  It is you as the most important person that can lead your Business into the future.

Have a great day!

Jim Sackman
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