Some Upcoming Changes

I had been posting 3 texts Blogs a week for some time, but this year it has been difficult to keep up that pace.  So, I am reducing the number of Blog Posts to 2 per week.  The Monday posts will remain Business thoughts for Owners and Executives.  The other post will be on Thursday and will consist of three types of posts.  Sonoma County: News and Notes will be about Business News from the North Bay including my earnings reviews of public companies.  Net Neutrality Thursday will be updates on the telecom regulatory front and other broadband business issues.  I will individually name the other posts on Thursdays, but expect to see Sales and Training issues to be covered on these days as well.

The reason for these changes is the time that I need to spend on these items.  It is challenging to produce the amount of content I have over the past few years at the pace that I have.  Unlike many businesses, I write my own material.  There is not a ghost writer or writing service generating this content.  You are getting my thoughts.  That might not seem like much.  When you see the "6 Best" or other clickbait articles it means that the company is paying some vendor to up their SEO rankings.  The question for you is where you want to spend your time.

What I write about are things I know about.  You can learn more about me on my website, but to me this is part of what I now call the Information War.  I see so much wrong information that I am concerned.  One of the first places that linked to my Blog was a site that was all about Telecom Advocacy.  The first link was from an article that was wrong.  I don't mean it had bad opinions.  I mean that the facts that it based itself around were not true.  I fear for those that read that kind of information and the bad insights that it fosters.  Given all the false information I see, I find it necessary to multi-source and research every thing that I care about.  I hope to provide reliable information in the things that I post.  I can be wrong, but will try to be clear about fact versus opinion in all that I do.

Have a great day!

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