Sonoma County: News and Notes

This week I want to talk a bit about the results of the election in Santa Rosa last week.  As you probably know by now, Measure C was rejected.  This was the implementation of Rent Control.  I was quite surprised that it was rejected and I had seen polls before the voting that said that Measure C was going to pass handily.  My guess is that a lot of this could have been turnout based.  Older voters (property owners) tend to vote.  Younger voters (renters) tend not to vote.  I don't think that Measure C would do much to alleviate our housing crunch here in Sonoma County.  I am hopeful that we can get a plan in place to expand housing options soon.

The second thing that I note is that the SMART Train did a "soft launch" on June 7th and they are awaiting approval by the Federal Railroad Administration.  Well, they have less than 1 week to meet their last published schedule of a "late Spring" launch.  There is a schedule posted with 17 trips a day.  The first train leaves Sonoma County Airport at 4:19AM and arrives in San Rafael at 5:26AM.  The last train leaves San Rafael at 8:35PM and arrives at Sonoma County Airport at 9:42PM.  There are 17 round trips on weekdays and 5 on weekends.  So, it looks like things are ready to go for later this year.

While Measure C failed, Measure D passed.  The City of Santa Rosa now has a Pot Tax.  I think the bigger issue here is that the city is now having a space crunch for warehouse type buildings.  3 of my friends in the Automotive Business have lost their location so that it can be turned into a grow house.  I have heard outrageous pricing for space and I expect that this will cause a significant amount of disruption as well.  Looking forward, I wonder how these places will be constructed and staffed.  I suspect that there will be a great deal of money wasted in all of this and that 3 years from now there will be bargains to be had in space that failed.

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