So, there is not one overridding theme to this week's post.  I am going to write about some things that interest me around the topics I cover.

Well, as hot as it is we know that it is now Summer.  One thing I have noticed in the North Bay is that we end up with a week or so every June of very hot weather.  I think this is our "natural air conditioner" starting up.  As you know we are cooled by air coming from the Pacific to take the place of the rising air over the Central Valley.  It is almost like this week is a pre-requisite to getting that machine started.  Enough latent heat and enough temperature differntial.

The fact that it is now summer means that the SMART Train will miss its opening schedule.  There is currently no defined date for starting the regular schedule while a safety review at the Federal level proceeds.  I wonder how long we will continue to support the train after it comes on.  I am a skeptic for ridership.  Riders will need to secure transport at both ends of their commute and it does not extend into SF nor connect to BART.  Given the widely dispersed places that we have employment, I am not sure the right way for a commuter to use this today.  If it continues to exist, maybe a generation from now business will have moved.  Will it be open still?  I don't know.

The Net Neutrality writing I have done was in response to the massive outcry over a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NRPM) at the FCC, which asked many questions about what it should implement for residential Broadband Service.  This resulted in the "Title II Light" that we have today.  I want to note that there are many NRPMs that go on so this was not a unique thing.  For example the FCC just announced one about changing how Payphone Service payments are audited.  I doubt this one will receive much public interest.  It should be noted that the FCC is likely to change a number of rules that you care about.  As things evolve, I will try to keep you informed.

Have a great day!

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