Sonoma County: News and Notes

Well, next week will start the Earnings season as Q2 results come out.  As you readers know, I publish Earnings Analyses of Enphase, Autodesk, Calix and Keysight.  If there are other public companies that are of interest in the North Bay, please let me know.  I have significant experience in the quarterly call language, the public market language and mergers and acquisitions.  I try to make my review of the numbers and the dialogue make sense to the lay person.

Real Estate continues to be a big story here in Sonoma County.  A number of properties that were in the rental space are being taken off the market and sold.  These were typically property owners who did not really want to be landlords but could not afford to sell these homes until recently.  This small inventory has not shifted the pricing down, but has helped put some inventory into the market.  The Commercial Real Estate world is tight as well.  The Cannabis market is causing significant amount of warehouse and similar space to be moved to becom grow houses.  This has caused some significant dislocation for local businesses.  I personally know of 3 automotive repair and service businesses that have had to relocate or go out of business because of this shift.  I have heard some rather challenging pricing for this kind of space at the moment. 

It has been all quiet on the water front this year given all the rain we had.  The grape harvest forecast is in the "normal" range at the moment and is likely to hit its stride a couple of weeks later than last year.  Call it sometime in early to mid-September.  Somewhat lower yields are expected to be offset by higher quality, but there can still be slips twixt cup and lip.

This weekend is the Santa Rosa Ironman event.  There are significant Road Closures to support the event.  Take a look at the Press Democrat Website for details on that.  Also the Sonoma County Fair starts August 3rd, so remember that there will be increased traffic around the Fairgrounds.

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