Is Selling Immoral?

When I talk to many Small Business Owners and Business Executives they turn their nose up at Sales and Selling.  They know they have to Sell and they believe in their Products and Services.  So, why the bad taste for Sales?

I think there are two basic challenges:  Marketing and Manipulation.  Let me address the second one first.  Everybody can picture an old fashioned Used Car Salesman in their mind.  When they do, they don't want to be associated with this person.  This is the personification of Sales and the Salesperson in many.  But modern selling is all about matching needs with Products and Services.  There are plenty of potential customers out there.  If you are talking to a Prospect, they are in the market for the kind of goods that you offer.  There are only two questions left at this point:  Does your offer meet or exceed their needs? AND Does the Value and Trust you represent meet their Price?  If you do, then Closing a Sale is like falling off a log.  If you don't then you probably don't have a Sale.  Again, it is that second question that is most key - Value and Trust.  Have you been able to present your Value in a way that builds Trust?  If not, then you may have a Sales Process or Brand issue.  Those are both things that can be developed and improved over time.

So why is Marketing a problem?  Well, some modern Marketing techniques (E-mail and Telemarketing in particular) can be intrusive.  People confuse this type of Marketing with Selling.  The goal of these techniques is to produce a Prospect, not to turn a Prospect into a Customer.  People don't like these techniques used indiscriminately.  The thing is that this is not Sales it is Marketing.  These techniques work so they will continue.  These techniques have attracted the Criminal Element and thus you have Scammers and Hackers trying to obtain your information for nefarious purposes.  So, don't blame Sales for a Marketing Challenge.

Modern Selling is not Immoral.  It presents you as a choice and provides information about your offer. If you are just down to Price versus Value, then we are talking about a Negotiation.  That is another topic for another day.

Have a great day!

Jim Sackman
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