How do You find the Right People?

With the very high employment rate now, this is a question that I get asked regularly.  Business Owners and Executives struggle to find good, qualified people to fill their positions.  This can limit growth as there are tasks left undone or partially done.  Freelancers and part-time employees can fill some gaps, but some positions need a full-time person.

 The right employee has a couple of characteristics.  I lump these characteristics under the term “Employment Maturity”.  Many employers have found that having a bad employee can be a real problem.  This can because of obvious problems like attendance or theft.  Worse can be the creation of a problem work environment.  Bad employees create tension and better employees feel burdened by having to take on extra work to repair the damage.  Finally, there is the poor customer impression that can come from bad employees.  Employees are often the first or only interaction that your customers have with the business.  If they are not aligned with your Mission and Values, then you can end up hurting your Brand and Business.

 This will be a series about finding and hiring the right people.  This will extend into what to do post hiring.  The cleaner and more comprehensive this process is the better off you will be.

 For today, I want to leave you with a model that I use with Small Business Owners:  Products, Process, and People.  From left to right, these are in a time horizon.  Products are what you have today and are the impact on your current financials.  Process is the way that your business operates.  Process changes are somewhat longer term and are likely to impact next year’s business.  In the long run, People are what will grow your business.  There are likely to be so many changes in Products and Processes that the current view of the Business will be very different 5 – 10 years from now.  It is your People which will enable the long-term growth and vitality of a Business.

So, this is our next topic to explore.  Have a great day!

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