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I was thinking the other day about Business Books.  I have read many as have many of you.  Lots of innovative ideas, tips, and thoughts are in these books.  So, I ask myself:  "Why do businesses still fail?"  I think this is a fair question.  I want to explore this notion over the next several posts and talk about it.

I want to start with my business.   I work with several smaller businesses and meet many more.  When most people talk to me about their business what they want is a different result.  That part I understand.  They want More Revenue, Better Employees, More Time, or a Business Exit.  Pretty simple.  What many of them are unwilling to do is change what they do.  It reminds me of the saying by Albert Einstein, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results."

Transformation of results is about Change.  Change is a much scarier prospect than failure it seems.  The good news that Change is a way to make things happen.  You can take control of what you want by planning a Change.  All good Coaches of any sort want to look at what will be achieved and helping people define that.  That is why we all focus on Goals and Vision.  Get a person or a business to define what they want and make it meaningful for them.  Once that is done, we just must help come up with a reasonable plan and ensure that there is progress along that plan.

I think that Sports Coaches are all about that.  What makes one team better than the other?  Talent is a key factor.  But so is motivation and the willingness to work toward a common goal.  We have all seen groups of people be a team.  We have also all seen them be a group of individuals.  That ability to get them to pull in one direction is Leadership.  Helping a group become a team and pull in a common direction is what a Coach does.  This includes Business Coaches like myself.

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