A Formula for Change

In pursuit of understanding why business owners are not always able to fix their businesses, I want to start with a Formula.  In fact, it is called Gleicher's Formula.  This is a way of judging whether any change will happen within an organization.  Let me use what is a simplified form called the Dannemiller Version:

D  x  V x  F  >  R

Where D stands for Dissatisfaction;
V stands for Vision;
F means Fist Steps;
and R is Resistance.

Now if I apply this formula to most business books, they are really clear on the Dissatisfaction.  Most of these books are single topic-oriented about how to grow a company or have better employees or have customers lining up for your products and services.  Readers will self-select books around topics that are of interest to them.  There are over 20 Millions solo entrepreneurs in the United States, so there is a good sized market.

The Vision is generally pretty clear as well.  "Would you like to be able to never advertise your Products, Click Here to Find Out How!".  Some books are not quite as clear about this, but they generally miss the point of Vision anyway.  Vision is all about how whatever change impacts the rest of your life.  Nobody wants to address this, because it is intensely personal.  A book can not interact with a business owner and find out how their life is different because of a change.  So, instead, it is all puppies and rainbows. 

Finally, most books are very unclear in First Steps.  They talk about a grand idea of some sort.  But leave the implementation of the idea up to the user.  It is one reason that I actually have a very small number of books that I recommend to people.  I want to recommend books that don't just sound good but give you a roadmap for implementation.  And it is an implementation where books very often fall short.  Well, it is not really their fault.  Books fall down because things happen in our business and our life.  Momentum gets lost and there is nobody to force us to carry on with implementing a change.  The change becomes forgotten and washes away.

So, you can see how many well-meaning books can simply fail to get results.  This is true even if they offer excellent ideas and information.

Have a great day!

Jim Sackman
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