Last time I talked about the elements of Change and a model for evaluating Change.  This week I want to talk about Perspective.  There are two Perspective viewpoints that I think are really important here.

The first is Distance.  When I work with Business Owners, I know that they care deeply about their business.  This passion leads them down the day to day execution of what is in front of them.  It is one of my jobs to pick their head's up and look at the environment that the business is operating in.  Doing fine is fine.  However, if the economy and your industry are expanding, are you expanding faster, at the same rate or slower?  Here in Sonoma County, we have had 3 major changes over the past few years:  The opening of the Graton Casino, The expansion of the Sonoma County Airport, and the Wildfires in 2017.  Almost everyone has thought about this last.  I have run into few if any business owners if these other changes have been considered in their business.  I am not saying that there will be an impact that everyone can take advantage of.  But if someone is spending $1B in your county, you might want to think about how that will change things.

The second is Objectivity.  The passion that I mentioned earlier creates another problem.  The other external group that Business Owners need to evaluate is competition.  How does the business compare to its competitors?  Why do prospects buy from others?  I have seen many Owners declare themselves the best at what they do.  They then turn around and complain about the capabilities of their competitors.  I can help Owners see their business as the rest of the world views them.  This can be a harsh lesson for many people who view themselves in a very different place than they actually are.  How do the products and services really stack up in the market?  How do the company's policies and people compare to what else is out on the market?  There are many questions that Owners don't want to face.

The reason I can bring that is similar to the Bacon and Eggs analogy.  In a Bacon and Eggs breakfast, the Chicken is interested but the Pig is committed.  By having that detachment from the business, I can be interested in the success but not have the emotional attachment.  Emotion is the reason that many bad investment decisions are made whether that is in a single negotiation, an investment or in a business.  By being that cold splash of reality, it can help many Owners make good decisions.


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