Who are Your Customers and What do They Want?


These are the quintessential Marketing questions.  We have talked about us and what we want (as a Business) through our Vision, Mission, and Values (VMV).  What we want to do now is to connect the VMV to our customers.  To be able to do so, we need to closely define who these people are.  That is what we are going to talk about here.

This is not a passing exercise and one that needs to be considered with some importance.  What is most important to consider is what makes you special to your customer base.  This means that we look at what the Value that they place on the business relationship with you actually is.  To do this, we need to explore the customer and the problems that you are solving for them.

The important part here is the alignment between what you view as your Mission Statement and the Customer view of their Problem Statement.  If it is not your Mission to solve their Problem, then in the long term they will no longer be Customers.  This is why your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is so important to your Marketing.  The goal is to articulate the range of problems that you solve.  The biggest single problem is that most business owners want to embrace a large set of problems that they can solve.  By being broad, they reason that they will get more customers.  The truth is that they are likely to attract more prospects that are not great customers for them.

Suppose you move to a new town and need to get your car fixed.  Let us add that this car is an older Volkswagen.  You do a search for Volkswagen Auto Repair, you might be surprised.  In my local search, I found VW dealers and local shops that specialize in VW repairs.  I also found several websites that recommend VW repair shops.  This happens in all businesses.  By having a very broad message, there are times when this works (for example Grocery Stores).  But most businesses, actually specialize.  If you do not tell people what you are particularly good at, then they will likely select someone who specializes in fixing their Problem.

Because that is what customers do, they fix their problem.  The look for solutions to what they want.  They do not look for what you want to sell.

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