Social Media Works for some Businesses

I had a client that had pretty good success with Social Media. This was a Children's clothing and toy manufacturer. This business was run by a couple and the wife was the person in charge of Sales and Marketing. Though most of the sales were traditionally through retail stores, the business was moving more and more online. The company had been on Facebook for about 10 years when I started working with them and they had 14,000 followers.

When I started working with the company, it was clear that much of their outbound consumer marketing was done by Facebook. They had other mechanisms that were better for the retail stores and their International Distributors. The posts broke down broadly into 4 categories: Coupons, Sales Announcements, Contests, and Product. The Product posts were mostly photos and videos sent to the company from end consumers. The Sales Announcements told followers about money off specific products, particularly seconds of specific products. Coupons were a small percentage off of orders of a given size or larger.

The Contests were the most interesting posts. These were giveaways for different photos or videos and were judged for beauty. These contests were often done in conjunction with companies that were partners or having a similar end consumer demographic. The advantage of these posts is that they could reach beyond the audience of the company itself. In my last post, I talked about forming a community of interest. This is what I mean. By posting in conjunction with like-minded sites, the reach of the post is greatly expanded. By getting the attention of people that do not follow the company, they can expand their follower base. They will have the possibility to market to these new followers in the future.

So, one of the best things you can do is find partners with a similar interest and joint market with them. In today's world, many spaces have voices that consumers follow already. If you can find those channels and offer them a proposal to engage their audience, you can find a great way to expand your presence. Unless you are working in a new space, it will be difficult to become an authority in an area for a long time. By partnering with others that have that reach that you want, you can accelerate the process.

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