Communities of Interest

In my last couple of posts, I have used the term “Communities of Interest” as it relates to Social Media Marketing. This notion is the strength of Social Media. By that, a Community of Interest is a group of people that share a common interest. Because of this common interest, individuals share content that should be of interest to the entire group. If your company can develop a great number of followers, then the community of interest revolves around you.

This is the inherent weakness of Social Media Marketing. How does a business get a large number (1000s) of followers that care what it has to say? You can imagine that socially directed businesses have a great advantage here. For example, who wants to follow the mad ramblings of a business coach? I feel the best way is for me to provide educational snippets that help people to understand the value that I can bring.

One thing that I recommend is to combine the notion of Referral Marketing with Social Media Marketing. I want people to find businesses and groups that market to Communities of Interest that they want to serve. The business can connect with these potential marketing partners and offer something of value to the community. In exchange, the partner engages their marketing channels with the offer. This provides both groups with an exchange of value and the ability to promote each other.

There is additional power to this kind of activity. Social Media feeds expect advertising dollars to be used to expand the visibility of these messages. By cooperating, leverage is created, and the effect is multiplied.

I want to bring one last point to this thread. This is a case where narrow marketing is better. By narrowly targeting a message and an offer, you up the conversion rate of the offer. And by doing so in a targeted way, you spend the least money to spread a message.

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