Change Your Business - Change Your Life!

Why am I using my tagline as the title of this today's article? It is again about one of the differences between Coaching and Consulting. Coaching is about Change and Consulting - generally - is not.

When somebody hires me, they have something in their business that they do not like. Most often it is in the bottom line results. Sometimes it is that they spend too much time at work and can not take time off. There is another group that is having problems hiring, managing and retaining employees. They want something in their business outcome to change. What they are much less interested in is changing themselves or the way that their business works. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing and expecting different results.

If you have ever watched one of the many business turnaround shows, you see people clearly doing things wrong and not even considering doing something different. Why is that? The reason is that change is hard. The future becomes unclear. If you think about the saying "The Devil you know", it represents the way many people work. It is easier to muddle through with little to mild success than it is to take a risk.

One of the biggest challenges is with clients and prospects who are being impacted by changes that originate outside the organization. They get stuck in a mindset that what they have done worked in the past and it should work today. It is why I have talked about Digital Transformation of businesses. The broadest based change has happened because of Internet Technologies. The Internet has changed the way we work, the way we buy and how businesses operate. Most people don't examine carefully the way that the outside has changed and adjust their business to meet these external forces.

How does Coaching fit into that? Simply put it is all about Perspective. When I come into a business, I do not show up with a lot of preconceived notions. My mind is always Zero-based about what the business is about and how it should operate. This makes things clearer to me than to an owner who is living day to day in the business that they have created. Change based Consulting can be part of this process if owners wish to have me create/manage part of the Change that will go on in the business.

So, think about your business. What are the things you are unwilling to change about it? Why is that? What would you do differently if you were starting it today?

These are great ways to start thinking about Change!

Jim Sackman
Focal Point Business Coaching
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Change Your Business - Change Your Life!

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